The finest fruit in the heart of Empordà


Our history is the result of our passion for the land. Established in 1970 in Sant Pere Pescador, Alt Empordà county (Girona), our company grows and produces fruit that is renowned for its quality, and markets this produce around the world.

From cooperative to limited company, from 4,500 tonnes of cold storage capacity at the beginning to 21,000 tonnes today, from a production area of just a few hectares to more than 400 hectares’ of cultivated land today, always using innovative farming techniques and technology.


The best land gives the best harvest. Our fruit is grown on highly fertile land in ancient times flooded by the River Fluvià.

Located between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, our fruit fields are blessed with magnificent climatic conditions for the production of fruit:

  • Mild, cool temperatures, with large contrasts between day and night.
  • Perfect relative humidity.
  • High sunshine levels at the end of summer.

The result: sugar-rich apples, with a firm texture and excellent colour.


Our fruit is good thanks to nature herself. We grow our produce in an area of influence of the Aiguamolls de L’Empordà Natural Park, a protected wetlands site of lagoons and saltmarshes, inhabited by a rich diversity of flora and fauna. This is also the location of Caramany Island on the River Fluvià, a nature reserve included on the list of wetlands of international importance.

For this reason, we apply strict production controls to ensure that nothing can harm our superb natural environment.


100% integrated production, 100% healthy. Our farming methods are sustainable, as we apply the guidelines for “technical production”, an environmentally-friendly system that minimises the use of crop protection products and ensures the production of safe, healthy fruit.

Our apple products are marketed under the “Poma de Girona (Girona Apple) Protected Geographic Indication” seal of quality.

Moreover, we comply with the GlobalGap protocol for good agricultural practices. Among other seals of approval, our headquarters have also been awarded BRC certification, which entails strict control of suppliers, continuous training for workers and a traceability system that enables us to track fruit from harvest to end consumer.


Our fruit is in good hands. Twenty-five producers devote all their experience and enthusiasm for their work to the task of growing fruit that is truly unique. Moreover, these producers are advised by Fructícola Empordà’s expert technicians, in cooperation with the Mas Badia experimental centre and the University of Girona.

Golden (Smoothee, Reinders, Crielaard, etc.)

Yellow-green colour. White flesh, firm, sweet, low acidity…




Red Delicious





Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology for production and cold storage:

  • Pre-grading machine with average production of 10 tonnes per hour, equipped with Globalscan 6, the most up-to-date colour and quality programme available on the market today.
  • Packaging machines with capacity of 8 tonnes per hour: a grading and packaging machine and a single-lane sorter equipped with the latest-generation waxing machine.
  • 51 cold stores with total capacity of 21,000 tonnes, including 24 new facilities with storage capacity of 7,500 tonnes equipped with ACR dynamically-controlled atmosphere technology, the latest system of its type to appear on the market, based on measurement of respiration, 17 cold stores with total capacity of 7,500 tonnes that enable us to create ULO atmospheres, and 10 cold stores for normal refrigeration with total capacity of 6,000 tonnes.


    Office phone 972 52 00 00 | 972 52 00 02
    Comercial phone 609 311 468

    Fructícola Empordà, S.L.

    Dr. Narcís de Ciurana, 12
    Sant Pere Pescador
    Girona - Espanya


    New technologies and conservation strategies for the Golden delicious apple and Gala group varieties – 28/09/2017

    Concession of the aid destined to investments of transformation and commercialization of foods for the Installation of two lines monocaliber of confection of apple, with bag packer – 09/10/2017

    Knowledge and governance of groundwater management in the Baix Fluvià – 04/04/2018

    Fructícola Empordà SL participates in the FRUIT3CAT project: “New varieties of fruit resistant to diseases and of high organoleptic quality” (Exp. COMRDI16-1-0036).

    The aim of the project is to promote technological development, innovation and quality research to obtain new varieties of fruit (apple, pear and peach) that are resistant to diseases and pests with a high economic impact in the fruit-growing areas of Catalonia.

    The project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union in the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020. – 16/03/2020

    Reduction of “cracking” in the apple variety “Fuji” – 10/09/2020

    Installation of a spectrometer attached to the pre-calibrator of the fruit plant that measures the sugar concentration of the apple that passes through it, as well as any internal rot that may be present in the fruit. – 20/07/2021

    Rationalization of the use of phytosanitary ware in the control of the Alternaria in apple tree by means of models of prediction of risk and techniques of handle of the crop. – 11/09/2021